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    Jałowe martwice kości po leczeniu chemioterapią i radioterapią – napotykane problemy w rehabilitacji. Studium przypadku
    (Bydgoska Szkoła Wyższa, 2012) Szczygielska-Babiuch, Anna; Hagner-Derengowska, Magdalena; Lipińska Stańczak, Magdalena; Kalisz, Zdzisława; Puszczałowska-Lizis, Ewa
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    Assessment of the effects of body posture correction in the sagittal plane in rural girls aged 7-12 with Io scoliosis.
    (AWF Biała Podlaska, 2012) Szurmik, Tomasz; Lizis, Paweł; Puszczałowska-Lizis, Ewa
    Postural defects of children and youth constitute a serious social problem. It indicates the need for taking up efficient diagnostic and rehabilitation activities with regard to all children and youth in Poland with a particular focus on children from small towns and rural areas. The aim of the work was to assess the efficiency of corrective exercises done by girls with I° scoliosis and concurrent spinal defects in the sagittal plane. Additionally, an attempt was made to assess whether the level of anterior-posterior curvatures of the spine determines the quality of the body posture and whether there exists a relation between selected morphological features and the body posture of the examined girls. Two tests carried out 10 months apart included a group of 22 girls with spinal defects in the sagittal plane aged 7 to 12. Girls lived in the rural area of ¯ywiec commune. They participated in the authors' programme of corrective exercises conducted in the Specialist Centre for Postural Defects Correction Orto-Med in ¯ywiec. The levels of anteriorposterior curvatures of the spine were measured with the use of photogrammetric method. The types of body posture were defined on the basis of Wolanski's silhouette method modified by Zeyland-Malawka. The quantitative and percentage distribution of body posture types was calculated before and after the applied correction. In order to assess the dependencies between the level of anterior-posterior curvatures of the spine and the quality of the body posture, a non-parametric Chi² (÷²) test was used. To assess the relations of body posture with morphological features, Pearson's linear correlation was used. A beneficial influence of the applied corrective exercises on the shape of the anterior- posterior curvatures of the spine of the examined girls was noted. A body mass and height correlate with the body posture of the examined girls. A 10-month programme of corrective exercises improves the shape of anterior-posterior curvatures of the spine and the posture of girls aged 7-12 with I° scoliosis. The shape of the curvatures of the spine determines the quality of the body posture of the examined girls.
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    Spinal ranges of motion in boys with pectus excavatum
    (Zamiejscowy Wydział Wychowania Fizycznego w Białej Podlaskiej, 2009) Lizis, Paweł; Puszczałowska-Lizis, Ewa
    Aim. The lack of comparative research into the spinal ranges of motion and somatic features of children with pectus excavatum and healthy children was the reason for taking up this topic. The aim of this work was to compare the spinal ranges of motion and basic somatic features of boys with pectus excavatum with healthy children. Material and methods. The study included 30 boys from Sucha Beskidzka commune. Fefteen subjects had pectus excavatum, whereas the remaining 15 boys were healthy and they constituted the control group. The mean age of the subjects was 13,3 ± 0,4 and 13,5 ± 0,7. The study was carried out in 2008. The spinal range of motion was measured with the use of the SFTR method. Also, body height, body mass as well as chest inspiratory and expiratory volume were measured. Results. Smaller ranges of motion of the spine were observed in boys with pectus excavatum. Significant differences concerned lateral flexions of thoracolumbar spine, the flexion of the lumbar spine, as well as the flexion of the whole spine. Significant differences between the groups were found in the chest circumference. Conclusions. Significant differences in some ranges of motion of the spine between the groups are caused by rachitis. Statistically significant differences in chest circumference indicate that rachitis exerts negative influence on the range of motion of the chest and on the respiratory system.
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    Dymorfizm płciowy w wybranych cechach budowy stóp kobiet i mężczyzn w wieku 20-28 lat
    (AWF Katowice, 2011) Puszczałowska-Lizis, Ewa; Kwolek, Andrzej
    In spite of a large number of scientific works devoted to feet, in the writing we aren’t finding the fill of comparative notifications of the feet structure in adult women and men. In scientific studies a sexual dimorphism of transverse arch and front area of support is poorly known and rarely discussed. In this work we would like to comparison of feet structure in women and men 20-28 years old. Comparatives studies of plantographic features showed, that the most important plantographic features which differentiate feet structure in women and men are Clark's angle, KY index (the longitudinal arch) and the V toe varus deformity angle. Women have better shape of longitudinal arches while men have tendency to varus deformity of the V toe. These differences show sexual dimorphism.
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    Turystyka kulinarna w województwie Podkarpackim
    (Uniwersytet Rzeszowski, 2019) Gabor, Tomasz; Ciuruś, Janusz; Kundera, Anastazja; Puchalska, Zuzanna; Herbert, Jarosław
    Głównym celem było poznanie i analiza opinii społecznej na temat turystyki kulnarnej na Podkarpaciu.