Materiały i Sprawozdania Rzeszowskiego Ośrodka Archeologicznego T. 38 (2017)


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  • Pozycja
    Studia muzeologiczne na Uniwersytecie Rzeszowskim – próba odpowiedzi na zapotrzebowanie muzeów XXI wieku
    (Muzeum Okręgowe w Rzeszowie, 2017) Trybała-Zawiślak, Katarzyna
    The article presents the main goals and assumptions involving the initiative to create a course of museum studies at the University of Rzeszów and its curriculum has been also briefly described. It was pointed out that museum studies with a specialization focused on museum education and obtaining a master’s degree in this field are, so far, the only ones in Poland. Moreover, the most important scientific, organizational and didactic achievements have been described, as well as the possibilities for further development of this field of study.
  • Pozycja
    Aktualne problemy zarządzania archeologicznym dziedzictwem kulturowym
    (Muzeum Okręgowe w Rzeszowie, 2017) Czopek, Sylwester
    The article analyses issues related to the protection of archaeological heritage, understood holistically, i.e. traditional conservation (sites protection in situ) and museology (ex post protection). Providing numerous examples and quoting the opinions of other archaeologists, the author confirms the diagnosis of inefficiency of the current system of protection, its numerous gaps and inconsistencies. In conclusion the author presents a proposal for a new legal regulation - the Act on the Protection of Archaeological Heritage.
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    Pierwsze sprawozdanie z weryfikacyjnych badań na grodzisku z wczesnej epoki żelaza w Chotyńcu
    (Muzeum Okręgowe w Rzeszowie, 2017) Czopek, Sylwester; Trybała-Zawiślak, Katarzyna; Tokarczyk, Tomasz; Ocadryga-Tokarczyk, Ewelina; Burghardt, Marcin; Adamik-Proksa, Joanna; Rajpold, Wojciech
    The article presents the results of the trial excavations carried out in 2016 at the fortified settlement in Chotyniec, Jarosław district. It is an object which has been known and mentioned in archaeological literature for a long, but without its precise chronological affiliation, due to the lack of excavations. However, it was most often combined with the Middle Ages. The conducted research requires significant adjustments. All the sources and contextual records allow us to link this large fortified settlement in Chotyniec with the Early Iron Age and the forest steppe variant of the Scythian cultural circle. This unique site will be researched in the next excavation seasons.
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    Wyniki badań archeologicznych na cmentarzysku z późnego neolitu w Sadowiu koło Opatowa
    (Muzeum Okręgowe w Rzeszowie, 2017) Pasterkiewicz, Wojciech
    This article aims at presenting the results of two research seasons carried out at site 23 in Sadowie, Opatów district. The remains of the cemetery were discovered in this place accidentally by one of the inhabitants during agricultural work. The area of 2.5 ares has been uncovered so far, and 10 graves have been discovered and exploited including, among others, human and animal graves affiliated to the Globular Amphora culture. Moreover, a single niche grave typical for the Złota culture has been also uncovered.