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    Лингвокоучинг – современный подход к обучению иностранным языкам
    (Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego, 2019) Targ, Ewa
    This article describes applying coaching method for teaching foreign languages. According to the author, language coaching is more and more applied in the schools and may be a response to the needs of glottodidactics. The author shows the struggle of students and, most of all, determines teacher and student’s role in the process of teaching foreign languages as well as their mutual relationship.
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    Rozwijanie kompetencji komputerowych i informacyjnych w glottodydaktyce na przykładzie podręczników do nauki języka angielskiego
    (Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego, 2019) Malinowski, Piotr J.
    The aim of the article is to present an analysis regarding the assessment of the application of information and communication technology (ICT) in conventional ELT coursebooks. The theoretical basis for the use of ICT in language learning and the presentation of the new core curriculum (CC) is followed by the study describing the way in which ICT tools are either integrated or ignored in current English textbooks. The study covered books used in the seventh grade of primary school (in line with the new CC). Six of the eight textbooks available on the market were selected for this purpose. The qualitative approach applied to this research comprised a thorough description and original evaluation of references to ICT. The prime factor determining the quality of the didactic materials in question was taking into consideration the opportunities to develop students’ digital skills through project work.
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    ‘Did he get to second base?’ –baseball metaphor as a means of describing the degree of physical intimacy in the fifty shades trilogy
    (Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego, 2019) Kurowska, Karolina
    The main aim of this article is to demonstrate the mechanism of the SEX IS BASEBALL metaphor, and to focus on its motivation, as well as on its possibly degrading effect on modern society. The concept of conceptual metaphor proposed by Lakoff and Johnson (1980) and further discussed by other scholars constitutes one of the most expedient devices that can be applied in this kind of research.
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    Типология концептов в русской когнитивной лингвистике и лингвокультурологии
    (Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego, 2019) Kossakowska-Maras, Maria
    The article analyzes the typology of concepts – one of the first theoretical questions posed by cognitive linguistics and linguoculturology. The subject of the study of cognitive linguistics is the cognitive concept, and the subject of the study of linguistic culturology is a linguocultural or cultural concept. Cognitive linguistics and linguoculturology are characterized by a dyad „language is a person”, an integrative approach to the study of language, the terms “concept” and “picture of the world”. The concept is defined from two perspectives – as a linguistic-cognitive phenomenon (cognitive science concepts are used – concept sphere, information processing, general knowledge fundation, scheme, frame, script, gestalt) and as a linguoculturological phenomenon (using cultural linguistic concepts – cultural constants, cultural connotation).
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    Применение аудиоматериалов в процессе формирования и развития умений и навыков устной речи
    (Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego, 2019) Dźwierzyńska, Ewa
    In this article, there are presented rules of audial materials selection and possibilities of using them in the process of forming speaking language communication. Giving the podcasts examples we discussed the methods of using these materials. We proposed some examples in order to improve listening and speaking skills.