Journal of Education, Technology and Computer Science nr 4(34)2023


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    Modeling and Statistical Analysis of Data Breach Problems in Python
    (The University of Rzeszów Publishing House, 2023-12) Dymora, Paweł; Mazurek, Mirosław; Nycz, Mariusz
    The subject of the work is electronic medical record linkage threat analysis and modeling with the use of the submitted data breaches list published by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Multipronged data analysis with the use of statistics utilities and data visualization has been conducted. The model forecasting the number of data breaches based on a time series mathematical model has also been built. The article reviews the tools and techniques used in data security analysis and presents practical examples of modeling and analysis that can be used in practice to improve data protection. It was shown how important it is to protect personal data, especially medical data, and what tools can be used in the educational process of data analytics for students to effect data analysis, trend assessment, and data prediction.
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    Comparison of Angular, React, and Vue Technologies in the Process of Creating Web Applications on the User Interface Side
    (The University of Rzeszów Publishing House, 2023-12) Dymora, Paweł; Mazurek, Mirosław; Nycz, Mariusz
    This paper presents a comparative analysis of three programming technologies and their application in building a web application, taking into account the code on the server-side and the user interface side. Three equivalent applications Angular, Vue, and React were analyzed. The needs for web applications are described, the implementation of particular functionalities in all technologies is presented together with the programming of database functionalities. The article is aimed at helping students of computer science faculties to make an informed choice of a framework or library for a specific project, taking into account the differences between these popular solutions.
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    Possibilities of Digitalization of the Qualification Thesis Topic Submission Process
    (The University of Rzeszów Publishing House, 2023-12) Klement, Milan
    The challenges associated with the process of awarding and processing qualification work can be traced both in the area of efforts to improve the quality of this specific process and in the area of supporting the digitisation of the study agenda in general. Given that the core processes at the university rely on highly skilled professionals, digitising processes is not as straightforward as it would be for more mechanical work. Although universities have a long tradition of organising work, they have not yet paid much attention to digitised processes. For this reason, we developed and piloted a flexible electronic workflow for digitizing a selected process and tested it under real-life conditions, including the implementation of qualitative research. The results show the usefulness and adaptability of the proposed electronic workflow from the perspective of its users.
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    Possibilities of Development of Informatics Thinking of Pupils and Students Using the Model of Subject-Didactic Competences of Teachers
    (The University of Rzeszów Publishing House, 2023-12) Klement, Milan; Bryndová, Lucie
    The development and incorporation of the concept of the development of computational thinking into the curriculum of computing subjects is currently one of the major challenges facing the Czech school system. However, such a concept of teaching presupposes a targeted development of content-subject and didactic- pedagogical competencies of teachers necessary for the development of computational thinking in their pupils and students. Thus, the present paper deals with the possibility of defining a general model of subject-matter and didactic competences of teachers supporting the development of computational thinking in pupils and students.
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    The Importance of the Multimedia Cognitive Learning Theory for Teaching of Technical Subjects
    (The University of Rzeszów Publishing House, 2023-12) Litecká, Juliána; Mitaľová, Zuzana
    The paper deals with the current requirements and direction of technical education within the framework of the curricular reform in Slovakia and its transition from education to student learning. The theoretical study approximates Mayer’s theory of multimedia education in relation to the causes of cognitive overload, on the basis of which the principles of multimedia design were specified, which we consider crucial for the effective starter of changes in technical education.