Homo interneticus – a challenge for modern education

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Walat, Wojciech
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The University of Rzeszów Publishing House
This paper presents the three characteristics that constitute the modern type of Internet man – homo interneticus – easily lead to the rapid development of functional illiteracy. Therefore, education faces a great challenge in the era of dominant and widely accepted functional illiteracy.
This research was carried out within the framework of the statutory work of the Department of General Didactics and Educational Systems of the Faculty of Pedagogy and the research program of the Lifelong Learning Laboratory at the Centre for Innovation and Knowledge Transfer of the University of Rzeszow. The article is a revised and supplemented version of the publication in the journal Education – Technology – Information Technology No. 4/18/2016 and thematically similar articles: Walat, W. (2016). Three degrees to functional illiteracy of homo interneticus. In: New Horizons of Education. Modern Education, Science, Technology, Innovation. Via Ferrata Publishers, 1(14), 22–30; Walat, W. (2017). Homo interneticus – functional illiteracy of contemporary man. In: E. Smyrnova-Trybulska (Ed.), Effective Development of Teachers’ Skills in the Area of ICT and E-learning. E-learning. Vol. 9 (pp. 13–22). Katowice, Cieszyn: University of Silesia; Walat, W. (2019). Homo interneticus as functional illiterate in the field of human rights. Politics and Society, 1(17), 1–22; Walat, W. (2020). Homo interneticus – problems of education in times of functional illiteracy. In: M. Tanaś, S. Galanciak (Eds.), Cyberspace human education. Open educational resources from a pedagogical point of view (pp. 181–194). Kraków: Impuls Publishers;
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education , homo interneticus , literacy , functional illiteracy
Journal of Education, Technology and Computer Science 4(34)2023, s. 146-152