Pachnące cynamonem #keto #ciasteczka polecają się na #Święta :D. Środki perswazji w profilu kulinarnym (@moderncavegirl)

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Drozd, Barbara
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Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego
The purpose of this article is a linguistic analysis of the blog entries under the photos posted on the @moderncavegirl profile, which is related to the ketogenic diet. The author also has a blog:, where she publishes her recipes. Instagram plays the role of promoting the blog. Due to the fact that the blog entries concern food, it will be important to determine how the author promotes her blog, what linguistic means she uses for this, how she writes about food to encourage people to reach for the recipe and make us of it. The aforementioned linguistic means or constructions can be divided into those that are used to promote a blog directly or indirectly. Direct promotion of a blog applies to those constructions that are explicit incentives to visit it or that inform the recipient that the recipe can already be found on the website. Indirect promotion of the blog is related to persuasive linguistic constructions.
Słowa kluczowe
Instagram profile , diet blog , culinary discourse , persuasion , self-presentation
Słowo. Studia językoznawcze nr 12/2021, s. 29–43