W świecie wartości moralnych – między zawiłością a prostotą

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Walicki, Jakub
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Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego
In the article I describe a dual nature of morality, arguing that moral actions require a constant movement between complexity and simplicity of the moral world. In the first part of the article I examine heterogeneity of the moral sphere, pointing out that it should not be simplified. I try to show why morality cannot be seen as a domain of perfect clarity and why it is usually impossible to make a firm distinction between goodness and evil. In the second part I argue that despite the difficulties, morality also requires self-confidence which can be justified. Although some moral problems are demanding, many others can be solved relatively easily. In the last part of the paper I discuss a difference between primary, spontaneous moral self-confidence, connected with simplified moral judgments, and secondary, reflective one, which comes from overcoming and controlling initial moral doubts.
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morality , ethics , moral dilemma , moral relativism , moral absolutism , moral compromise , worldviews , moral worldviews , moral presuppositions , ambiguity of morality , moral firmness , moral strength , the nature of morality , moral disputes , ideological disputes
Słowo. Studia językoznawcze nr 10/2019, s. 190–203