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Tragedia Saul Vittorio Alfieriego w adaptacji Wojciecha Bogusławskiego. Rekonesans badawczy

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Show simple item record Purgał, Liwia 2016-10-03T10:08:50Z 2016-10-03T10:08:50Z 2016
dc.identifier.citation Purgał L.; Tragedia Saul Vittorio Alfieriego w adaptacji Wojciecha Bogusławskiego. Rekonesans badawczy; "Tematy i Konteksty" 2016, nr 6 (11): Staropolskie i oświeceniowe piśmiennictwo religijne. Swojskość i uniwersalizm; red. M. Nalepa, G. Trościński, s. 238-253. pl_PL.UTF-8
dc.identifier.issn 2299-8365
dc.description.abstract The work of Wojciech Bogusławski, adaptation from the tragedy by Vittorio Alfieri, depicts two characters who present their arguments to each other. King Saul is characterized by cruelty and quite pathological pride, whereas David, his adversary, is noble, valiant and ready to sacrifice himself for the good of his country. The events of the tragedy are modelled after the biblical story of King Saul, who is abandoned by the spirit of God, and David, favoured with the blessing of the Creator, presented in the First Book of Samuel. Yet, the tragedy of Alfieri-Bogusławski is not only a rephrased version of the biblical text because the time of the plot begins when the story in the Bible finishes. The biblical events in the tragedy are shown in flashback. The paper is a research reconnaissance, as it presents fundamental remarks on the interpretation of the tragedy and suggestions for further study, especially concerning the function of the characters’ performance. Further examination is needed of the technique used by Bogusławski in adapting the work of Alfieri, and of the translation. The paper only presents general characteristics of the Polish translator’s decisions. Boguławski himself was aware of the consequences of translating a rhyming piece as prose. He strove to write concisely, to salvage the depth of thought and the expressive power of the original, to preserve most of the language, which would enable accurate communication with the reader, delight of the audiences, compassion for the characters, pity, fear, and thus to recreate high style in order to reproduce the category of grandeur, pathos and heroism. From the analysis of selected aspects of Bogusławski’s literary technique and artistry, it appears that the tragedy is an artistically mature piece and should be subject to further, more detailed study. pl_PL.UTF-8
dc.language.iso pol pl_PL.UTF-8
dc.publisher Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego pl_PL.UTF-8
dc.subject tragedia pl_PL.UTF-8
dc.subject Vittorio Alfieri pl_PL.UTF-8
dc.subject Wojciech Bogusławski pl_PL.UTF-8
dc.subject Biblia pl_PL.UTF-8
dc.subject Ludwik Osiński pl_PL.UTF-8
dc.subject Teatr Narodowy pl_PL.UTF-8
dc.subject "Dzieła dramatyczne" pl_PL.UTF-8
dc.subject Lwów pl_PL.UTF-8
dc.subject Warszawa pl_PL.UTF-8
dc.subject Stary Testament pl_PL.UTF-8
dc.subject Pierwsza Księga Samuela pl_PL.UTF-8
dc.subject tragedy pl_PL.UTF-8
dc.subject Bible pl_PL.UTF-8
dc.subject National Theatre pl_PL.UTF-8
dc.subject Lvov pl_PL.UTF-8
dc.subject Warsaw pl_PL.UTF-8
dc.subject Old Testament pl_PL.UTF-8
dc.subject First Book of Samuel pl_PL.UTF-8
dc.subject "Saul" pl_PL.UTF-8
dc.title Tragedia Saul Vittorio Alfieriego w adaptacji Wojciecha Bogusławskiego. Rekonesans badawczy pl_PL.UTF-8
dc.title.alternative The Tragedy Saul by Vittorio Alfieri in the Adaptation by Wojciech Bogusławski. A Research Reconnaissance pl_PL.UTF-8
dc.type article pl_PL.UTF-8

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