Ius et Administratio 1 (44) 2021


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    Sprawozdanie z Konferencji Naukowej pt. „Współdziałanie Policji z innymi podmiotami”
    (Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego, 2021) Dubis, Szymon
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    Medical data security in digital transformation of healthcare: Assessment of e-Health solutions standarisation in the European Union
    (Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego, 2021) Wojturska, Weronika
    The paper assesses the security of medical data processing in the standardization of e-Health solutions in the European Union. First, the main cyber risks are identified, and then the effectiveness of health data protection and its interoperability between ICT systems is analysed in terms of strategy and regulatory support provided by the EU. The study indicates that the provisions of the GDPR seem to enhance processing of technological standardisation of e-Health solutions to follow the principle of technological neutrality when defining the required security measures.
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    O konieczności wprowadzenia domniemania stosowania formy decyzji administracyjnej do przepisów Kodeksu postępowania administracyjnego
    (Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego, 2021) Szremski, Jakub
    The form of a given case settlement may be specified directly in a provision of substantive law or result indirectly, i.e. through the existence of an administrative and legal relationship determining a change in the legal situation of an individual (granting a specific right or obligation). In the second case, it is justified to apply the presumption of the form of an administrative decision, approved of in the doctrine and judicature. However, such a regulation should be introduced into the provisions of the Code of Administrative Procedure.
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    Realizacja postanowień Konwencji o ochronie dziedzictwa architektonicznego Europy w polskim systemie prawnej ochrony zabytków – wybrane aspekty
    (Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego, 2021) Lizak, Agata
    The article concerns the subject of implementation of the provisions of the Convention for the Protection of the Architectural Heritage of Europe in the Polish legal historic preservation system. The ratification of this convention did not result in amendments in the Polish law; it has been assumed that the national law had already fulfilled all requirements specified in this act. Nevertheless, although most of provisions of the convention indeed has analogues in Polish regulations, there are areas in which some loopholes may be identified. Given the above, the article focuses on similarities and differences between regulations of the convention and provisions of Polish legal acts (especially: Act of 23rd July 2003 on the Protection of Monuments and the Guardianship of Monuments), with a particular emphasis on comparison between definition of historic monument and architectural heritage, analysis of regulations concerning preventing protected properties from disfigurement, dilapidation or demolition as well as prohibition of the removal, wholly or partially, of any protected monument.
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    Prawidłowe prowadzenie dokumentacji medycznej jako warunek bezpieczeństwa pacjenta w procesie leczniczym
    (Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego, 2021) Gąska, Magdalena
    This article discusses the impact of the proper medical record keeping on ensuring patient safety in the process of providing healthcare services. The study presents the principles of keeping, processing, storing and ensuring the access to the medical records resulting from the applicable law and established jurisprudence views, as well as the way in which these guarantees affect the protection of such sensitive patient interests as health, life and privacy. The article also indicates the areas in which the patient's right to medical records is the most frequently violated and the trends in this regard, as well as it formulates postulates aimed at increasing patient safety in the treatment process.