Studia Anglica Resoviensia T. 14 (2017)


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    Metaphorical Euphemistic Expressions of Heaven and Hell in Middle English with Special Reference to the “Canterbury Tales”
    (Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego, 2017) Wawrzyniak, Agnieszka
    The paper presents an analysis of various kinds of circuitous metaphorical expressions related to deities and devils in Middle English with special reference to “The Canterbury Tales”. In other words, the subject of the study will be taboo areas and euphemistic expressions that pertained to God, Saints, angels, Heaven, but also to their opposites, namely to devils and Hell. The paper will approach in detail the lexemes from various categories that contributed to the emergence of new, indirect expressions, such as LIGHT, DARKNESS, DARK PLACES, PLACES, ANIMALS, and TITLES. One of the analyzed categories will be the category of LIGHT. The words that will be viewed as the building blocks for the range of euphemisms will be light, bright and fair. The paper will show that the lexemes from the category of LIGHT created euphemisms for the divinity, as well as oxymora for the imminent evil. The euphemistic expressions associated with LIGHT will be also discussed in detail with regard to their metaphorical status. Moreover, the aim of the analytical part will be also to focus on a variety of euphemisms, the detailed cognitive study of the metaphorical concepts that constituted euphemisms, as well as on the beliefs that constituted the foundation for the emergence of such indirect expressions.
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    ‘To Teach or Not to Teach’: Reasons Motivating Students to Embark upon the Teaching Path
    (Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego, 2017) Turzańska, Agnieszka; Szymańska-Tworek, Aleksandra
    The paper presents and analyses factors motivating pre-service teachers to choose to teach. The reasons motivating students to enter the teaching profession are attested to be 'positive, altruistic and professionally sound' (Barnes 2005:349). Ewing and Smith (2003:22) state that young people are attracted to the profession because they perceive teaching as a satisfying career that offers opportunity for professional development, want to help others and contribute to society or wish to work with children. Taking Poland as a case in point, a large-scale study by Duraj-Nowakowa (2011:129) identified three main factors that motivate students to become teachers: fascination with the subject, eagerness to work with children and social status of the profession. This paper presents and discusses our own findings obtained through a questionnaire administered among philology students concerning their reasons for choosing the teaching career. The purpose of this study was to gain insight into why students majoring in English decide to embark upon the teaching path. What is more, the study reports upon factors deterring students from pursuing the teaching career and driving new recruits away from this path.
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    To the Wilderness and Back: A Transformative Journey in Jack Kerouac’s Novels
    (Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego, 2017) Stopel, Bartosz
    As with virtually all writers of the Beat Generation, the attitude of the literary-critical establishment towards Jack Kerouac’s works has been turbulent. Dubbed “a Neanderthal with a typewriter,” and having his oeuvre panned (most notably by Harold Bloom) as having “no literary value whatsoever” or dismissed for moral reasons, Kerouac seems to have little to offer contemporary audiences and scholars being categorized as quasi-picaresque epigone of the romantic tradition, celebrating immature dropout attitude and a life of excess mingled with a shallow understanding of Eastern religions. Whereas I concur with the claim that Kerouac’s works do display some deficiencies of style, my essay argues for a more constructive reading of the motive of journey explored in his central novels (particularly in On the Road, Dharma Bums and Visions of Cody), as I would like to overview some striking similarities between the experiences of Kerouac’s characters and the primal, ritualistic traverses of shaman-like figures in early cultures. On such a reading (inspired chiefly by Mircea Eliade and Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey), Kerouac’s hero’s journeys appear to be taking place both at the physical, spiritual and psychic level and are attempts at self-healing, pacifying, maturation and reconciliation with society. They are not then, straightforward rejection and escape, but a temporary, painful strategy, whose final aim is to return to society as a transformed individual, though as the development of the journey motif across his oeuvre demonstrates, this attempt at transformation and reconciliation need not be entirely successful.
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    Political Language and Advertising Language in Relevance Theoretical Framework: A Quest for Differences
    (Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego, 2017) Rut-Kluz, Dorota
    The paper looks at two types of Polish data; political speech and TV advertisements, which, having similar aims but rather different status, may possibly use the same means to achieve success. The relevance framework is applied to analyse and compare the mechanisms behind the linguistic effects and looks into particular stages of processing the linguistic input, taking a closer look into the explicature in both the political speech of a TV election campaign and TV advertisements. Particular pragmatic processes are presented (disambiguation, ad hoc concept construction) as well as implicature formation, non-literal talk and covert communication in order to address the question of whether political speech and advertising are similar and, if yes, in what respects and to what extent.
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    Frame Based Modelling of Specialist Languages
    (Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego, 2017) Potęga, Paulina
    The notion of frame semantics covers a wide range of approaches to the systematic description of meaning in natural languages. In most general terms the notion of frame semantics can be explained as any system of concepts related in such a manner that one term activates and indexes the entire system. Thus, the concept of frame bears an obvious affinity with terminology, which is also based on such a conceptual organisation. However, it needs to be stressed that frame semantics has not only been successfully applied to lexicology and syntax, but also it has been systematically applied to studies in the field of Terminology research. Consequently, such frames offer an opportunity to analyse both the potential semantic and syntactic behaviour of specialist language units. The aim of this study is to propose the possible contribution of frame‐based methodology to the analysis of specialist languages, which facilitate specialised knowledge acquisition. Furthermore, it offers a conceptual basis for the location of sub-hierarchies of concepts within a particular specialised domain event.