Frame Based Modelling of Specialist Languages

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Potęga, Paulina
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The notion of frame semantics covers a wide range of approaches to the systematic description of meaning in natural languages. In most general terms the notion of frame semantics can be explained as any system of concepts related in such a manner that one term activates and indexes the entire system. Thus, the concept of frame bears an obvious affinity with terminology, which is also based on such a conceptual organisation. However, it needs to be stressed that frame semantics has not only been successfully applied to lexicology and syntax, but also it has been systematically applied to studies in the field of Terminology research. Consequently, such frames offer an opportunity to analyse both the potential semantic and syntactic behaviour of specialist language units. The aim of this study is to propose the possible contribution of frame‐based methodology to the analysis of specialist languages, which facilitate specialised knowledge acquisition. Furthermore, it offers a conceptual basis for the location of sub-hierarchies of concepts within a particular specialised domain event.
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Frame Semantics , specialist languages , terminology , specialised knowledge
Studia Anglica Resoviensia T. 14 (2017), s. 121–131