Problem Pages of History and Development Prospects in the International Space of Ukraine and the Republic of Poland

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Siekunova, Iuliia
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Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego
In the article, the authors reviewed the main areas of cooperation between Ukraine and the Republic of Poland, highlighted the problematic points and prospects for the further development of bilateral relations of these states in the future. The reasons for the aggravation of the international relationships of the two countries are clearly marked, which mainly boil down to historical conflicts. This obvious problem lies in the different views of the two countries on the tragic past and political history. But the authors analyzed an equally important issue of migration and employment, national consciousness and domestic issues, issues of border and visa-free regime. It was determined that the problem partially also lies in the fact that in the past, trust between states was lost and so far the parties are not able to establish communication to solve these problems. It is proved that this crisis period should not be perceived as the termination of interconnections, but only as an indicator of the development and dynamics of relations between states.
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International relations , Volyn tragedy , OUN , UPA , “Revolution of dignity” , party “Law and Justice” , labor emigration , xenophobia , genocide , national consciousness , visa-free regime , investments , European Union , integration
Edukacja – Technika – Informatyka nr 4(30)/2019, s. 234–238