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Stańczyk, Małgorzata M.
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Music is an important element of human existence, an integral part of human life. In this article the therapeutic value of music is analyzing, especially multidimensional nature of music as a therapeutic tool. According to the Weaver’s concept of music – music can be defined as a compilation of information (acoustic, semantic, esthetic). The acoustic qualities of the sounds and music elements create „musical meaning” through the specific and unique compilation of individual music elements and acoustic qualities of the sounds. Music is described as a symbolic and abstractive art, as well as a powerful therapeutic tool. Music can influence the psychological and physiological level on human being. The value of music as a therapeutic tool is confirmed in many clinical studies. Music therapy is applied in various areas of medicine. The effectiveness of music therapy in oncology has been also documented. Music has many numerous functions in human life –therapeutic function of music is always relevant problem within discussion about music.
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Music , therapeutic value of music , psychophysiological impact of music , music therapy , cancer treatment
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