Rola akompaniatora w edukacji tanecznej

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Andrzejak, Izabela
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The article is an attempt to explain the complex role of an accompanist cooperating with dancers. The first thing about accompaniment that comes into mind is usually its association with vocal music or a solo instrument. In specialist literature, there are many definitions of such accompaniment. However, there is no information about the complex relationship between accompaniment and the art of dance. An important aspect discussed in the article is the cooperation between the accompanist and the dance teacher, which is the basis of dance education in both the professional and amateur worlds. Reflections on the valuable functions of live accompaniment in the process of educating young dancers appear in specialist dance literature and form the basis for more extensive analysis. The aim of the article is to emphasize the important role of the accompanist in the world of dance, where he is not only a musician playing to dance, but equally with a good dance teacher comprehensively introduces young artists to the world of art. The basic tasks of the accompanist mainly include adjusting the pace to enable practitioners to do the exercise properly and reflect its character. The sublime workshop of the accompanist should contain a wide range of skills of reading music, sight-read, a vista, improvisation, proper communication with the dance teacher, careful observation of the dancers and understanding the essence of movement. It is worth considering the issue of live accompaniment, which in the world of dance is worth its weight in gold.
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accompaniment , dance , dance pedagogy , movement , dynamics
Muzyka w kontekście pedagogicznym, społecznym i kulturowym - tom 3 / 2022, s. 135-147