Świadek codzienności - Jerzy Pietrkiewicz

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Andres, Zbigniew
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Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego
From its very beginning, the writings by Jerzy Pietrkiewicz practically reflected the poetic theory of authentism. Even back in time, when his early poems had not yet been rooted in this nascent trend in poetry, Pietrkiewicz applied the theory by Stanisław Czernik in his works. Later on, the poet began his cooperation with ultra-rightist magazines and as an advocate of authentism he used to refer nationalistic beliefs to this new literary doctrine. Although such attitude did not achieve expected approval of Czernik, the creator of the movement, Pietrkiewicz still remained one of the most active poets gathered around the precursor. As an émigré Pietrkiewicz changed his attitude. Although he was no longer so devoted to the idea of authentism, he still remained a prominent follower and defender of the theory. His attitude had been expressed in many discussions and his literary works, published in both Polish and English versions. Among the most exemplary works one should mention "The Other Side of the Limits of Language" (London, New York, Toronto, 1970). Thus, the poet linked respect for tradition with the acceptance of contemporary experimentalism in writing. As a result, Pietrkiewicz favored such model of modern poetry on condition that it was supported with a variety of means used by the representatives of ages past.
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Pietrkiewicz Jerzy , poezja polska - XX w. , codzienność
Andres Z., Świadek codzienności - Jerzy Pietrkiewicz, "Zeszyty Naukowe Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego. Seria Filologiczna. Historia Literatury" 6 / "Tematy i Konteksty" (1), 2011: Wielka Emigracja - Druga emigracja niepodległościowa - (E)migracja końca XX wieku, red. Pasterska J., s. 248-259.