Украинофильство как примечательная черта медиаобраза польско-украинского поэта Томаша Падуры

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Баландина, Надежда
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The article shows the specific features of the formation of Tomasz Padura’s media image and its transformation into a symbol of the Polish-Ukrainian unity. It has been proven that the attention of the Ukrainian mass media is concentrated on the most weighty and outstanding facts of the poet’s life and work. Those facts represent several informative aspects: narrow biographical, ideological, creative, memorial, and futuristic. Each of those aspects has its content aimed at the melioration of Tomasz Padura’s image as an exemplary Polish Ukrainophile, a symbol of the Polish-Ukrainian unity. The symbolization of this image has several functions: the historical-typological one allowing to trace the main stages of the image transformation; the methodological one which stresses its significance for the contemporaries; the communicative one which ensures the continuous attention to the poet, and the marketing function promoting Tomasz Padura’s name as a brand from the point of view of the commercial success.
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Томаш Падура , польско-украинский поэт , медиаобраз , символ , украино-фильство , массмедиа , Tomasz Padura , Polish-Ukrainian poet , media image , symbol , Ukrainophilia , mass media
Zeszyty Naukowe Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego. Seria Filologiczna. Glottodydaktyka, t. 12/2021, s. 9–25