(Anty)bohaterowie. Kreacje Odyseusza i Dedala w popfeministycznych retellingach greckich mitów

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Głos, Mikołaj
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Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego
The subject of the article is an analysis of the creation of male heroes of pop-feminist retellings, which consists in telling “newly” known versions of myths. These tendencies are in line with the trend of pop feminism that is dominant today, combining educational and entertainment elements. Writers usually refer to old images of women, trying to create their characters “anew”. They mainly reach for those myths whose heroines remained in the shadow of men for a very long time. The research material consists of the novels: Pani Labiryntu (2023) by Magda Knedler and Ariadne (2023) by Jennifer Saint and two short stories from the anthology Ziarno granatu. Mitologia według kobiet (2022): Świat, który wymyśliłam dla Odysa by Barbara Sadurska and Pieśń królowej by Grażyna Plebanek. An analysis of the creation of two of the characters appearing in the selected ones - Odysseus and Daedalus – as evil, degenerated and emotionally immature men, treating women in an objective way, was made. Attention was also drawn to which spheres of their lives (family/social) are most often explored by women writers.
Słowa kluczowe
myth , feminism , popculture , retelling , masculinity
red. Kinga Matuszko, Mikołaj Głos, Kazimierz Maciąg i Barbara Drozd, Obszary Polonistyki 7 / 2024, s. 30-40