Formy pomocy osobom niepełnosprawnym intelektualnie na przykładzie organizacji Caritas

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Szluz, Beata
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ITP Rzeszów
People with intellectual handicap are one of the most marginalized groups in a society. They encounter great barriers in an access to each domain of social life. Achieving of a satisfying level of independence, in a situation when a human being is handicapped, requires specialist help. Therefore support in overcoming difficulties or solving every day specific problems is an essence of an issue of help. In the present article there were analyzed forms of the help towards intellectually handicapped people realized by the organization „Caritas” on the territory of podkarpackie viovideship. On the basis of conducted considerations it should be stated that a symptom of government policy in the scope of social support is at present transfer of many actions and initiatives on behalf of the families with a handicapped child on so called third sector that is non-governmental organizations. Specifity of organization in our country lies in a necessity of keeping constant readiness to adapt ourselves to the current economic conditions. Possession of this ability affords more effective and systematic actions. At the same time, basing of activities of the non-governmental organizations on a hierarchy of human needs makes it possible to undertake the effective initiatives as well as quick reaction to the changing needs of the environment.
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sociology , social exclusion , support , people with intellectual handicap