„Całe wodne wre i ryczy piekło”. O językowej kreacji żywiołu wody w poezji Adama Asnyka

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Różańska, Barbara
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Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego
This article attempts to answer the question, how is in the poetry of Adam Asnyk functioning the concept of water element, how it is conceptualized, and also what are the relationships between conventionalized way of understanding the water element and the artistic text. It would be, therefore, important to restore richness of language and culture features of any given semanteme, that is to show it along with all collocations on the cultural background and to reconstruct the linguistic image of the world contained in general language. This article presents the semantics of the water semanteme, which in the poetry of Adam Asnyk exists in various forms. Asnyk used the biblical way of looking at water as both destructive and rescuing force. The water was shown from the perspective associated with a time, but in Asnyk it is additionally enriched with an image of transient life. Also emerge numerous references to juxtaposition of discussed semanteme with human language.
Słowa kluczowe
Słowo. Studia językoznawcze nr 7/2016, s. 220–240