"Merkuriusz Polski - Życie Akademickie" (styczeń 1957 - listopad 1958). Historia pisma

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Moczkodan, Rafał
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Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego
The aim of this article is to present the history of the magazine “Merkuriusz Polski – Życie Akademickie” with special emphasis put on its publications and the correspondence between its editors and associates. First, as an introductory remark, the author of the article reminds of the fact that „Merkuriusz Polski – Życie Akademickie” is considered the third in turn mutation of the magazine published in London since 1949. At its beginning the magazine was published by the English branch of Polish Students' Association, later on – by the poetical group “Kontynenty” and the Association of Polish Students and Graduates in Great Britain. Second, the article discusses the series of turbulent changes the periodical underwent at the time given, when the magazine of one cover and one title was in fact edited by two separate editorial staffs. According to the author of the article, these changes resulted mostly from the magazine’s financial problems and several divergences in ideas related to the future of the magazine that was to be divided into two periodicals: „Merkuriusz Polski” and „Życie Akademickie”. Third, the attitude of the magazine’s associates towards its former versions, as well as all the program and publishing declarations published at that times in both “Merkuriusz” and “Życie”, are discussed. Internal changes within both editorial staffs, together with their disputes and arguments, are also presented. The author of the article proves that several arguments occurred not only between the quarreled editorial staffs (due to these conflicts the group finally split up and started to publish separate magazines) but also within the staff of “Merkuriusz Polski”. The conclusion of the article discusses also another debate that was published in the London magazine. This time however, the subject matter was related to the existence (or non-existence) of the young generation of émigrés and their poetical group associated under the auspices of „Merkuriusz”. According to the author, this debate has not been of no importance for the further development of the magazine.
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"Merkuriusz Polski - Życie Akademickie" , prasa literacka - historia , emigracja XX w.
Moczkodan R., "Merkuriusz Polski - Życie Akademickie" (styczeń 1957 - listopad 1958). Historia pisma, "Zeszyty Naukowe Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego. Seria Filologiczna. Historia Literatury" 6 / "Tematy i Konteksty" (1), 2011: Wielka Emigracja - Druga emigracja niepodległościowa - (E)migracja końca XX wieku, red. Pasterska J., s. 130-149.