Źródła „duchowości” New Age

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Kogut, Joanna
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Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego
New Age is a multidimensional and complex phenomenon, almost amorphous, escaping the traditional conceptual formulas. And although numerous publications and studies on New Age are still being developed, it is not easy to describe this movement. Let us, therefore, reach to the sources from which its inspirations have been drawn and through their analysis, let us try to approach the spiritual plane on which New Age views have been built. Let us look a little closer to its original matrix, namely the esoteric and theosophic traditions disseminated in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries in European intellectual circles, secret knowledge, known as gnosis, and also turn to ancient pagan beliefs and magical rituals, towards shamanism. Perhaps in their message we will succeed to understand the broadly understood New Age “spirituality”.
Słowa kluczowe
New Age , theosophy , anthroposophy , gnosis , shamanism , occultism , spirituality
Dydaktyka Polonistyczna, nr 4(13)2018, s. 115–129