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Jan Sobieski jako czytelnik Biblii w świetle Listów do Marysieńki

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Show simple item record Pawłowski, Rafał 2016-10-04T14:20:57Z 2016-10-04T14:20:57Z 2016
dc.identifier.citation Pawłowski R.; Jan Sobieski jako czytelnik Biblii w świetle Listów do Marysieńki; "Tematy i Konteksty" 2016, nr 6 (11): Staropolskie i oświeceniowe piśmiennictwo religijne. Swojskość i uniwersalizm; red. M. Nalepa, G. Trościński, s. 155-162. pl_PL.UTF-8
dc.identifier.issn 2299-8365
dc.description.abstract To date, studies of Jan Sobieski’s letters have meticulously been setting aside biblical reminiscences, which occur over the entire set of his enormous epistles to his wife. Not entirely seriously, we can say that the fame of military perfection and literary excellence overshadow subtle and occasional references to the Bible. Biblical references uncover for the reader an image of a humble man subordinated to God’s will, who wants to atone for his sins and transgressions in his lifetime. In the power of God he was also looking for relief and answers when his conjugal life was not doing best. Sobieski was also deeply convinced of the immutability of God’s judgments which were always faultless (providentialism). pl_PL.UTF-8
dc.language.iso pol pl_PL.UTF-8
dc.publisher Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego pl_PL.UTF-8
dc.subject Jan Sobieski pl_PL.UTF-8
dc.subject Marysieńka pl_PL.UTF-8
dc.subject Biblia pl_PL.UTF-8
dc.subject Hiob pl_PL.UTF-8
dc.subject prowidencjalizm pl_PL.UTF-8
dc.subject Wiedeń pl_PL.UTF-8
dc.subject św. Paweł pl_PL.UTF-8
dc.subject Ostatnia Wieczerza pl_PL.UTF-8
dc.subject Biała Gołębica pl_PL.UTF-8
dc.subject Mojżesz pl_PL.UTF-8
dc.subject antemurale christianitatis pl_PL.UTF-8
dc.subject the Bible pl_PL.UTF-8
dc.subject providentialism pl_PL.UTF-8
dc.subject Vienna pl_PL.UTF-8
dc.subject St Paul pl_PL.UTF-8
dc.subject the Last Supper pl_PL.UTF-8
dc.subject the white dove pl_PL.UTF-8
dc.subject Moses pl_PL.UTF-8
dc.title Jan Sobieski jako czytelnik Biblii w świetle Listów do Marysieńki pl_PL.UTF-8
dc.title.alternative Jan Sobieski as a Reader of the Bible in the Light of His Listy do Marysieńki pl_PL.UTF-8
dc.type article pl_PL.UTF-8

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