A sense of the meaning of life in women experiencing homelessness

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Szluz, Beata
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UPJŠ Košice
Searching for the meaning of life is associated with a specific means of an individual’s existence in the world, which can determine axiological existence. A situation that almost forces one to ask questions about the meaning of life is a threat to the perspective of death and expe riences through human suffering. The aforementioned questions therefore appear, especially in the critical moments of human life, such as illness, disability, and homelessness. This article was written based on its own broader study, which was conducted in 2009 among 52 homeless women in Podkarpacie. The test subjects were selected in terms of age, place of residence during the conducted research, and their occasional or permanent residence in a shelter. The biographical method, and the narrative interview technique, a special form of free or in - depth interview, were used. In the article are the deliberations concerning the meaning of life in the perception of homeless women.
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meaning of life , homelessness , homeless woman