Literatura z pogranicza, czyli o niezwykłości wczesnego romantyzmu

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Kajmowicz, Agnieszka
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Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego
Review: Monika Stankiewicz-Kopeć, „Pomiędzy klasycznością a romantycznością. Młodzi autorzy Wilna, Krzemieńca i Lwowa wobec przemian w literaturze lat 1817-1828” (“Between classicism and romansticism. Young authors of Vilnius, Krzemieniec and Lvov about changes in literature in years 1817-1828”), Księgarnia Akademicka, Kraków 2009, pp. 320. Monika Stankiewicz-Kopeć in her book discusses the problems of the romantic breakthrough approached from the perspective of the 'minorum gentium' creators. The review of the monograph contains the analysis of the theses included in the book as well as the way of proving them. In the first part main thoughts presented by the researcher have been described, such as emphasis on the multi-current nature of the romantic breakthrough, the analysis of shaping literary awareness in particular environments, a suggestion of periodization. Later contents of consecutive chapters have been presented in a detailed way and evaluated as well as the original approach to problems related to the romantic breakthrough in Poland has been emphasized.
Słowa kluczowe
Stankiewicz-Kopeć Monika , romantyzm , klasycyzm , przełom romantyczny
Kajmowicz A., Literatura z pogranicza, czyli o niezwykłości wczesnego romantyzmu, "Tematy i Konteksty" 2012, nr 2 (7): Z archiwum polonisty, red. Ożóg Z., Stanisz M., s. 411-424.