Problemy osób niepełnosprawnych

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Łagowska-Cebula, Monika
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Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego
In this chapter, problems faced by people with disabilities are discussed. During the childhood, the most common problems are: relationship with parents, contact with peers and participation in the arduous and sometimes painful rehabilitation. Disabled children have problems with access to education, not due to the applicable law, but only due to the lack of adapted schools, teachers' qualifications or the anxiety of both healthy and sick children's parents. During the adulthood, the ability to function independently becomes increasingly important for people with disabilities. Their road to independence is blocked not only by their health but also by their professional circumstances. Even though the government and other institutions undertake a number of actions in order to change this situation, people with disabilities still have difficulty in finding employment. The chapter also raises the issue of leisure and sports among the disabled as well as the programs designed to minimize the problems faced by them.
Słowa kluczowe
disability , impairment , social problems , rehabilitation
red. Marian Malikowski, Beata Szluz, Współczesny Rzeszów. Problemy społeczno-kulturowe, s. 48–81