A Computer Tech Pedaguge: the Cultural Linguistic Perspective

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Dziama, Anna
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Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego
Understanding the complexity of a teacher and its role in modern society is vitally important for the advancement in education. The aim of this research paper is to introduce the concept of cultural linguistics and to determine the impactsand the broad understanding of the role of a teacher, referredin this article as the pedagogue in the era of information and communication technology. Evidence suggest that there is a growing need to reestablish the position of a pedagogue which is one of the most important factors in the proper approach to the use of technology in modern schools. To recognize this role, the fundamentals of cultural linguistics and its schemes will be used to highlight the need for further research. A number of cross-sectional studies has accentuated the problem of digital technology in the classroom and the role/scheme of a pedagogue (Palmer, 1996; Ceratto Pargman, 2019; Sharifian, 2011, 2017). This study identified the key elements of a pedagogue and presented a sample of exercises that can be used by a teacher to utilities the digitalization of schools.
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pedagogue , digital technology , information technology , education , cultural linguistics
Edukacja – Technika – Informatyka nr 4(30)/2019, s. 218–224