Wild food plants and fungi used by Ukrainians in the western part of the Maramureş region in Romania

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Łuczaj, Łukasz
Stawarczyk, Kinga
Kosiek, Tomasz
Pietras, Marcin
Kujawa, Anna
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Polish Botanical Society
Wild food and fungi use in the countryside has always been an important part of human-nature relationships. Due to social changes in most rural areas of Europe this part of traditional ecological knowledge is shrinking. The aim of our study was to record the use of wild foods and plants among the Ukrainian (Carpatho-Rusyns) minority in the western part of Romanian Maramureş. We carried out 64 interviews in two villages. Voucher specimens were collected and DNA barcoding was used to identify most fungi taxa. We recorded the use of 44 taxa of plants altogether (including 8 taxa used only for herbal teas) and 24 taxa of fungi. On average 7.7 species of plants and 9.7 species of fungi were listed per interview. Edible fungi are thus an important part of local cuisine and they are eagerly gathered by everyone. The use of a few woodland bracket fungi is worth pointing out. No signs of degeneration of this knowledge were observed. Wild fruits are less collected now and wild greens are rarely collected nowadays. This pattern is typical of many places in Central Europe.
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ethnobotany , ethnomycology , mycophilous , Romania , Ukraine
Ł. Łuczaj, K. Stawarczyk, T. Kosiek, M. Pietras, A. Kujawa