Didactic Significance of Modern Simulation Programs in Vocational Education – Divagations from Own Research

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Ridei, Nataliia
Tytova, Nataliia
Pavlenko, Dmytro
Oleksandr, Slabetskyi
Semenyuk, Yurii
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Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego
We developed, justified and verified methodological foundations for the professional training of specialists in public management of quality and security of socio-cultural forms of education, science and innovation systems of diploma-training of future representatives of the academic sphere, successors of scientific heritage of the trans-boundary level to consolidate the efforts of quality and safety cohesion of acquired and prolonged trajectories of employment and professional development , pleasure insurance according to the needs and requirements of interested and academically worthy and capable categories of applicants for educational and scientific services and consulting and advisory services to build intellectual and emotional capacity of perspective development of transcultural interaction of communicative perception of understanding and consent of diverse categories of society without breaking the biosocial stability equilibrium. We achieved the goals of axiological analysis of conceptual and categorical apparatus with regard to the problem of professional training of future public management specialists on the basis of scientific schools of managerialism in philosophical, psychological and pedagogical and managerial literature; we established the semantics of organization of professional training of future public management specialists for teaching activity ; we justified the structure of professional competence of future public management specialists. We applied a set of methods – axiological analysis, systemic and institutional for semantics of the training management system in higher education institutions and the development of methods for organizing professional training of future public management specialists for teaching activity; method of analogy and probabilistic modeling.
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professional training and quality and safety competence , future specialists in public management , administration , methods of organizing the educational process of socio-cultural forms of quality and safety policy
Journal of Education, Technology and Computer Science 2(32)2021, s. 215–223