Koszty transakcyjne jako determinanta wyboru modelu dystrybucji opartego o marketing wielopoziomowy

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Kozera, Ireneusz
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Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego
The aim of the article is to present the phenomenon of dynamic development of the concept of distribution of products and services based on a multi-level marketing model. Involvement in a scientific discussion on changes in the economy that testify to the reevaluation of determinants of economic decisions in organizations and may form the basis of new paradigms of the new institutional economy. Paradigms in which not only the scale of transaction costs is important, but also the fact that they can be located inside the organization. The article shows that this approach leads to a situation in which transaction costs may be somehow the company’s assets. All this takes place as a consequence of the revaluation of the determinants of transactions that are heading towards the so-called soft factors connected, for example, with the phenomenon of trust in the organization, networking of entities, the phenomenon of prosumption and the win-win strategy, understood more broadly than just satisfying the needs of the consumer technically related to the features of the product or service.
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multi-level marketing model , new institutional economy , transaction costs , trust in the organization
Przedsiębiorstwo i region z. 9/2017, s. 110–122