Rubens jako artysta-pedagog. Uczniowie „szkoły graficznej Rubensa”

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Lech-Bińczycka, Agnieszka
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Instytut Sztuk Pięknych Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego
The article aims to discuss the significant role of Rubens as teacher artist, who carried out his teaching mission in a school of graphics established in the 17th century, which interpreted his paintings and drawings. The text discusses the birth of the idea, the Master’s collaboration with his pupils, the hard years of searching for engravers who would meet the artist’s requirements, and selection and education of those who are now deemed outstanding in the “Rubens’ school of graphics”. The article emphasizes the inherent value of the years of working in a team, print making under the teacher’s strict eye, and the changes in the engravers brought about by his attitude. The author also focuses on the inheritors of Rubens’ art – the pupils who, inspired with their supervisor’s mastery, provided with knowledge and skills, would publish Rubens’ posthumous work and even used to establish their own schools of graphics.
Słowa kluczowe
grafika reprodukcyjna , „szkoła graficzna Rubensa” , Rubens Paweł , miedzioryt , sztych , reproductive graphics , “Rubens’ school of graphics” , Rubens Peter Paul , copperplate engraving , printmaking
Warstwy Nr 4 (2021), s. 40-46