Interdisciplinary approach in social problem solving

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Pesatova, Ilona
Szluz, Beata
Walawender, Paweł
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Jan Evangelista Purkyne University in Usti nad Labem
Interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approach in social problems solving is the unifying element of the monograph aimed at organizing the proce ss of support, training and mobilization of individuals and groups in their environment and, finally, at improving the quality of common social life. This is discussed in the context of transformation of the society in three nearby countries — Poland, the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic. Contemporary scientific findings are presented with accent to the multidisciplinary approach and broad interdisciplinary cooperation that uniquely opens the way in forward direction. The monograph is intended for a wide community of experts in academic world as well as for governmental and nongovernmental organisations. Furthermore, students in humanities and social science fields as well as volunteers and nonprofessional public might find it useful.Throughout the mono graph, an emphasis is laid on linking social welfare, health care and education. There are accented both interdisciplinary cooperation and supporting systems that help to integrate and mobilize individuals and groups in risk of exclusion or marginalization. The contemporary situation is prefaced by the rich tradition of social movements, solidarity and local communities and NGOs development. Authors reflect the change in approach to volunteering that participates in solving various social problems Practical recommendations that are included in the conclusions of contributions point to the major role played by the partnership and cross-sectoral cooperation of partners involved in finding solutions of thorny social problems.The socio-cultural level of each society might be, inter alia, measured and evaluated by the range of care given to its citizens with disabilities. This monograph is a tangible proof of the interest and effort given to the delivery of standard care to all individuals who need certain form of help or support.This monograph is dedicated to the memory of prof. PhDr. Anna Tokárová, CSc., for her contribution to the development of social pedagogy and social work.
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social problem solving , sociology , social work , pedagogy