A new local therapy of periodontitis in the course of stomach pathology and tobacco smoke intoxication

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Romanova, Iuliia
Zolotukhina, Olena
Shnaider, Stanislav
Kravchenko, Lyudmila
Noneva, Nataliia
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Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego
Introduction. Inflammatory periodontal diseases, arising against a background of stomach pathology from tobacco addiction remain an acute problem of modern dentistry. Aim. The experimental assessment of a new local treatment efficiency during therapy of simulated periodontitis with hyperacid gastritis and the tobacco smoke intoxication. Material and methods. The work was conducted in 2 stages. At the first stage, all experimental animals were divided into 4 groups: І — intact, II — with simulated periodontitis, III — with simulated periodontitis and hyperacid gastritis, IV — with simulated periodontitis with hyperacid gastritis and tobacco smoking. The local therapy efficiency was evaluated with the use of a new preparation for oral care and a comparison product conducted at the 2nd stage in rats with simulated periodontitis with hyperacid gastritis and tobacco smoking. Results. Experimental periodontitis with hyperacid gastritis and tobacco smoking provokes considerable changes in the periodontal tissues typical for the inflammatory process: lipid peroxidation activity rises and antioxidant system activity reduces. A local therapy in rats resulted in correction of detected metabolic disorders, improving removal of the damaging factors harmful influence and restoring the periodontal tissues condition. Conclusion. The medical efficiency of a new gel normalizes the influence of lipid peroxidation processes, inflammation and the oral cavity protective system activation during periodontitis which arises up against a background of the concomitant pathology of stomach – hyperacid gastritis.
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periodontitis , gastritis , smoking
European Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine T. 17, z. 4 (2019), s. 301–307