Tradycyjny rosyjski strój ludowy jako symbol kultury rosyjskiej

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Gałkina, Marina
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Instytut Sztuk Pięknych Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego
Russian cultural authenticity has been shaped by internal factors: pagan beliefs, knowledge unavailable to others as well as specific facilities and resources. A lot of researchers have noticed a correlation between changes in Russian crafts and transformations of social aspects of Russian civilization. Contacts with various nations resulted in assimilating elements of those cultures and also in further development of new unique qualities added to the traditions. The article presents oldest major traditional culture centers of Russian arts and crafts. It shows the importance of natural materials in everyday life and activities of Russian ethnic groups and describes leading Russian fashion designers. The text proves that the traditional Russian costume is a chronicle of historical development and artistic preferences of the nation. On the other hand, social and cultural experience of Russians is accumulated and transferred via a semiotic system to traditional dress.
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rosyjski strój ludowy , historia sztuki , sztuka dekoracyjna i rzemiosło , Russian folk costume , history of art , decorative arts and crafts
Warstwy Nr 4 (2021), s. 96-101