Sprawa deportacji Johna Bagota Glubba z Jordanii. Z badań nad kryzysem dominacji brytyjskiej w świecie arabskim w 1956 r.

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Wróblewski, Bartosz
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Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego
John Bagot Glubb is an almost unknown person to Polish readers. He was the commanding general of the Jordanian Army in the1940s and 50s. J.B.Glubb played a very important role in the politics of the Middle East. The article is based on British political correspondence and monographs which describe the relationship between Great Britain and Jordan. The article presents the career of J.B. Glubb and his powerful position in the Jordan government between 1946 – 1956. His unique position was a symbol of the political power which the British government had in this region at that time. J.B. Glubb was suddenly deposed from the Jordan government on 1 – 2 March 1956 . The main aim of the article is to emphasize why his demission was such a political sensation in 1956. That deposal was connected with a decline of British power in this region. The government in London previously had a great influence on Middle Eastern politics and they directed national politics from behind the scenes. J.B. Glubb was at the same time a faithful subject of the Jordanian monarchy and the ideal person to lead informal policy in the behalf of the British government.
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John Bagot Glubb , Middle East , Great Britain – Transjordan relationship , Arab Legion