Wielowymiarowość rozmowy w twórczości artystek sztuk wizualnych w Polsce

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Sulikowska-Dejena, Agata
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The article discusses various aspects of conversation present in the work of many contemporary Polish female visual artists. A conversation may perform various roles and take place on different planes; it can be the essence of a project, its element or a major tool necessary to bring it about. Words make up a coherent tale or, taken out of context, condense the tale in but a few letters. The common element of the artworks presented in this article is their very personal dimension. Female artists talk about things extremely subjective and private, as they believe that their experience is universal, shared by thousands of women, and it only takes creating an appropriate plane in order to start talking. The space which helps here is often an art gallery: it is there that the tales of the artists are heard. This article presents the works of female artists in which dialogue has played a leading role.
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artystki , rozmowa , emocje , autobiografia , terapia , sztuka partycypacyjna , women artists , conversation , emotions , autobiography , therapy , Participatory Art
Warstwy Nr 2 (2018), s. 88-92