Demystifying the intricacies – a rare report of two cases of biradicular permanent mandibular lateral incisor and their endodontic management

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Makkar, Sameer
Gupta, Sandeep
Singh, Aiana
Rohilla, Smriti
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Publishing Office of the University of Rzeszow
Introduction and aim. One of the imperative reasons for endodontic failure is an extra or missed root and root canals. Permanent mandibular lateral incisors generally present as monoradicular tooth with one or two canals, but aberrancies in the form of extra root are also rarely seen. There is insufficiency in the literary work regarding the presence of an extra root in permanent mandibular lateral incisor. We hereby report two illustrious cases of biradicular permanent mandibular lateral incisors and their endodontic management and brief review regarding the case reports published so far regarding the existence of an extra root in permanent mandibular lateral incisor in the literature. Also, we intend to apprise the scientific documentation with the aforementioned. Description of the cases. Case 1. A twenty-two-year-old male patient of Indian origin was referred to endodontic clinic for intentional root canal therapy. Pre-operative radiograph revealed 32 exhibited aberrancy in the form of an extra root, with normal periodontal structures and bone architecture. Case 2. A sixty-two-year-old male patient came to the Department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics with the chief complaint of pain in the lower anterior tooth region. Radiographic examination revealed root caries on the mesial side and two roots with two canals with bifurcation at the level of middle third of root. Conclusion. Clinicians should be well prepared in advance for management of any anatomical aberrancy in their clinical practice by having a scrupulous knowledge of root canal system.
Informed written consent was taken from the patients.
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aberrancy , endo access bur , endodontic treatment , extra root , permanent mandibular lateral incisor , root canal anatomy
European Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine T. 21, z. 4 (2023), s. 909–913