Barrow Cemetery in Zbudza in the Eastern Slovak Lowland

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Jarosz, Paweł
Horváthová, Eva
Przybyła, Marcin M.
Sznajdrowska-Pondel, Aleksandra
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The University of Rzeszów Publishing House
The barrow site in Zbudza is located in the East Slovak Lowland. In 1980, Elena Miroššayová carried out excavations on the burial mound (no. 1) located behind th old Jewish cemetery. The central burial pit and clusters of pottery and traces of hearths were discovered. Some potsherds the possess ornamentation typical for the Corded Ware culture. The charcoal found near the burial pit were radiocarbon dated to 4140±35 BP (Poz-151727), which can be correlated to the years 2866–2632 BC. At the site in Zbudza and the neighbouring Trnava pri Laborci, thanks to the LIDAR data, about 20 burial mounds in various states of preservation and different chronological positions were registered. Some of them should be associated with the presence of the Corded Ware and Yamna cultures from the 3rd millennium BC. Geophysical prospection of burial no. 2 located in the part of the village called “Imrička” was conducted in 2021.
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late Eneolithic , East Slovak Lowland , Corded Ware culture , Východoslovenské mohyly , barrow , non-invasive investigations
Ana­lecta Archa­eolo­gica Res­so­viensia, vol. 18 (2023), s. 103-116