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Misiąg, Malwina
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The article presents an analysis of the phenomenon of violence, one of the most crucial social problems affecting modern family. The quantitative data concerning the range of the problem shows that the people most affected with violence are women and children, and the people suspected of using violence in families are men. Moreover, the data indicates the forms of violence most often reported by the victims. Bearing in mind the fact that the problem of violence is both the result of and the reason for a family dysfunction, it is crucial to emphasize the importance of preventing and counteracting violence as well as creating a consistent system of aid for the wronged. It is the social workers, police officers, therapists and other representatives of widely understood social services who on daily basis prevent family violence with actions based on legal acts. The effectiveness of their actions depends on their professionalism and commitment which influence the citizens’ feelings of security and trust in assisting institutions.
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violence , violence against women , violence against children , prevention of violence , counteracting violence
red. Marian Malikowski, Beata Szluz, Współczesny Rzeszów. Problemy społeczno-kulturowe, s. 170–195