Fragmenty obecności. Obraz – między fi guracją a abstrakcją

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Gil, Łukasz
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I have tried to confront my artistic experience with the theory and practice of such artists as Francis Bacon, Teresa Pągowska, Stanisław Rodziński and Jacek Sienicki. What links their attitudes is the sincerity of presenting reality. As such the attitudes are significant points of reference for both my artistic work and theoretical considerations. In my project I have tried to consider the experience of existence in time and space: transience, change in the course of life, noticing the traces of our living. Searching and discovering order through using simple color and composition solutions (bringing the coloristic expression down to a narrow chromatic range and synthetic surface of painting). I show fragments of man in an atmosphere of a certain tension, solitude, inner dilemma, in a changed form, making some desperate gestures.
Słowa kluczowe
malarstwo , kolor , egzystencja , prawda o człowieku , painting , color , human existence , truth about man
Warstwy Nr 1 (2017), s. 44-46