The volunteer movement in Ukraine and its role in the cross-sectoral partnership

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Troyan, Serhiy
Troyan, Pawel
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Volunteer activity is the basis for the foundation and development of civil society. Volunteers are important for any society, as they work for free, showing society that there are more important things than material goods. Environmental protection, culture, development, and a country’s positive image are the main priorities for volunteers. That is what helps society to confidently stand proud, and the volunteer to be satisfied while getting valuable life experience along with professional skills and knowledge. Volunteer activity in Ukraine, however not massive, is a social effect and an important part of non-governmental social services activity. In general, the volunteer movement can be seen as a basis for our county’s prosperity, and the volunteers themselves as pioneers guiding the way of development. In modern times, an urgent need for social, state-realised importance of different social development aspects of optimisation arises. Social problems must be persistently solved, and the success of the changes outlined depends upon the qualification of social support specialists that envision corresponding cadre training. It becomes the top priority for a new country’s policy. Shaping the great volunteer movement is one of the ways to efficient social work in our country.
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volunteers , volunteering in Ukraine , the problems of volunteers , volunteer history
Szluz Beata, Matulayová Tatiana, Pešatová Ilona, Cross-sectoral cooperation in order to solve social problems, s. 287-301