Neolithic Flintworking of the Samborzec-Opatów Group in Lesser Poland in the Light of Settlement Materials from Tonie 9 Site, Kraków Commune

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Wąs, Marcin
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The article presents flint materials obtained from settlement site of Samborzec-Opatów group from the Tonie 9 site in Lesser Poland. The flintworking of this unit is still poorly recognized. In the literature, special attention has mainly been paid to ceramic materials, especially in studies on the genesis of this group and its relations with other taxonomic units of the Neolithic in Lesser Poland (especially with the Malice culture and later groups of the Lendziel). Therefore, it is worth introducing the specificity of Samborzec-Opatów flintworking, especially since the recently arrived inventory from the Tonie 9 site is quite numerous and relatively homogeneous. Therefore, the main goal is to present materials that can be used for further studies, e.g. those of a comparative nature.
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Samborzec-Opatów group , early Neolithic , flint technology , lithic analysis , SE Poland
Ana­lecta Archa­eolo­gica Res­so­viensia, vol. 18 (2023), s. 41-66