Zobrazowane w eterze, czyli jak mówić o sztukach plastycznych w mediach – na przykładzie Polskiego Radia Rzeszów

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Piekło, Justyna
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Instytut Sztuk Pięknych Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego
Art is present in the mass media, especially in the public media which are obliged to promote Polish culture. In order to narrow down the topic, the author focuses on the fine arts. They are regularly discussed in Polish Radio Rzeszów, in various programs, from announcements and reports of art events to interviews and reportages. The article presents archive materials from the collections of Polish Radio Rzeszów, dealing with visual arts. They have been analyzed with special attention to the manner of discussing the fine arts, e.g. seeking out departments of visual arts, art tendencies and projects, artists living and dead, famous and just beginning their career. The article also discusses other forms of promoting the fine arts, like publishing and exhibition activities of Polish Radio Rzeszów, which are the reporters’ own initiatives. There are also photo reports which supplement the recordings. Selected materials and examples show a range of various visual arts, present Polish artists as well as the interests and passions of the reporters, which allows to create reliable and interesting content for the listeners.
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radio , sztuka w eterze , sztuki wizualne , the radio , art on the airwaves , visual arts
Warstwy Nr 4 (2021), s. 128-131