The Castle Hill in Biecz and fortified stronghold in Kobylanka. The results of interdisciplinary research from 2019

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Kocańda, Paweł
Pisz, Michał
Rajchel, Bernadeta
Filipowicz, Michał
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The University of Rzeszów Publishing House
In 2019, new research was initiated at two archaeological sites located on the Ropa River, in Gorlice County, in the southeastern part of Małopolska Province. The first site was the Castle Hill in Biecz, and the second one was the fortified stronghold in Kobylanka. The research consisted of three stages. Firstly, extensive archival and library queries were conducted in order to gather basic information about both sites. Secondly, surface research was performed in order to collect any movable monuments. During the third stage, a reconnaissance by means of GPR, electrical resistivity imaging and geo-magnetic survey was carried out. These provided plenty of new valuable information on the spatial layout of both sites. In the case of the Castle Hill, the analysis of the discovered anomalies allowed for the interpretation of some of the finds as remnants of the brick elements of the castle, e.g. the tower, which corresponds with the plan from 1877. The results of the analyses of the anomalies from the fortified stronghold in Kobylanka, with its ramparts made of stone and earth as well as inner circular housing, were far more ambiguous. Its chronology may date back to the early Middle Ages.
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castle , medieval archaeology , archaeological geophysics , ground-penetrating radar , magnetometry , stronghold
Ana­lecta Archa­eolo­gica Res­so­viensia, vol. 15 (2020), s. 139–163