Dydaktyczne aspekty powieści dla dziewcząt na przykładzie wybranych utworów Marty Fox

Obrazek miniatury
Świercz, Katarzyna
Tytuł czasopisma
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Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego
Literary works dedicated to adolescent girls are primarily aimed at preparing young readers for the roles that await them in adulthood. The type of didacticism chosen by authors of this type of prose has been evolving along with the history of the subgenre and transformations in the field of pedagogy. The direct, narrative moralizing of the young reader gave way to the place of presentation of educational assumptions that are introduced to the books by constructing the fates of heroes, allowing readers to draw their conclusions and assessments independently. The prose for the youth by Marta Fox refers to the historical determinants of the novel for girls and didactic traditions of this genre. The author, however, avoids direct instructions, at the same time remembering about the educational message while constructing various elements of the presented world.
Artykuł jest pokłosiem badań podjętych między innymi w mojej pracy doktorskiej pt. „Powieści dla dziewcząt Marty Fox. Próba monografii”.
Słowa kluczowe
a novel for girls , Marta Fox , didacticism
Dydaktyka Polonistyczna, nr 5(14)2019, s. 160–170