Cultural anthropology and its practical dimension in projects which include cross-sector partnership

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Sikora, Mateusz
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Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego
Cross-sector partnership can play a major role in initiatives which aim at solving present-day social issues. This article focuses on the possibilities and consequences of cooperation between the public and the social sectors. Higher education institutions – more precisely, one of the main Polish universities – are hereby seen as the representative of the first sector. The second, public sector is hereby represented by non-governmental institutions, those active in Poland as well as abroad. Further presented in this article are the numerous benefits which stem from the inclusion of Cultural Anthropology in the debate concerning solving various social problems in regards to cross-sector partnership. By which – in terms of definition – I understand the cooperation of various sectors, which may result in unprecedented and revolutionary resolutions. Furthermore, anthropology has the potential to encompass all elements of cross-sector partnership, as well as to employ initiatives which are necessary for solving contemporary socio-political matters.
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cultural anthropology , project , cross-sector partnership
Szluz Beata, Matulayová Tatiana, Pešatová Ilona, Cross-sectoral cooperation in order to solve social problems, s. 99-106