Formalno-organizacyjne uwarunkowania polityki młodzieżowej na poziomie europejskim, krajowym i regionalnym

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Kołomycew, Anna
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Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego
This article presents the formal and organizational basis for the implementation of youth policy at the European, national and regional level. The author made an attempt to verify to what extent the existing mechanisms inherent in the model of youth policy in the broad sense, understood as a system of cross-sectoral and multi-stakeholder activities for young people, are treated subjectively, not only as beneficiaries of the initiatives taken by the public authorities. In the first part of the submitted paper, the author focused on the construction of a European system of youth policy, outlining the solutions adopted by various European institutions in recent years. In the second part, the Polish solutions for youth policy were presented. The last part of the given article concerns the formal and institutional arrangements for young people adopted on the regional level in Poland. The present paper is based on an analysis of legislation and strategic documents, desk research and internet sources. In the last part of this work, the author has used the comparative method.
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youth policy , youth , region , regional policy , European Union