Problemy komunikacyjne i transportowe obszaru węzłowego aglomeracji rzeszowskiej

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Malczewski, Jan
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Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego
The city of Rzeszow and its agglomeration is important centre of administration, science, education, service and trading industry. Around 20% of voivodeship population lives here, what makes it the biggest job market in the area. Every day more than 50 thousand employees commute from various areas of Subcarpathia, and in Rzeszow alone more than 110 thousand cars are registered. City also lies on the way of main transit traffic routes. Rzeszow and its agglomeration is easily accessible up to the city limits, thanks to the road network (e. g. A-4 motorway or part of S-19 express road) and railway: E-30, E-91 and E-108. Unfortunately, there is no railway track to Jasionka airport, with its fast developing terminal and SEZ. Inefficiency of the road network surrounding Rzeszow is due to lack of by-passes, which would allow for the traffic to be converted out of the main arteries of the city centre. Going through the city in the rush hours (esp. driving from the north to the south) sometimes takes more time than driving to the city from e. g. Debica or Jaroslav. The entire metropolitan area of Rzeszow is impaired in the development of the road network parallel to the main roads.
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transportation , communication , agglomeration , city
red. Marian Malikowski, Beata Szluz, Problemy społeczno-przestrzenne współczesnego Rzeszowa, s. 131–149