The meaning of life for unemployed people

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Rosová, Dana
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The social worker dictionary defines the meaning of life as a regulative term that modifies and explains social norms by which a person should guide themselves. A person’s value system, along with their confrontation with social norms, helps to define the secret of an individual’s existence, also known as the meaning of life (Strieženec 1996). Understanding the meaning of life means understanding ourselves. When we consider the meaning of life it does not have to mean only one thing; therefore we can discuss the socalled plurality of meanings. We assign different meanings to each of our spheres of life. We can deliberate the pathology of the purpose of our existence, as such meanings can strengthen each other (when we reach one meaning we can proceed to reach another one) or contradict each other (Šulavíková, Sejčová 2008). Philosophy regards questions on meaning of life as the basic ones. The everlasting questions that are part of a person´s life are: Who am I?, Where does my life lead to?, What is my purpose?, and What is the value of my life? (Balogová 2009).
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meaning of life , the path to gain life-meaning , components to the life meaning , short-term , long-term unemployed
Szluz Beata, Matulayová Tatiana, Pešatová Ilona, Cross-sectoral cooperation in order to solve social problems, s. 147-159