Ecological Education as a Function of the International Idea of Sustainable Development

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Ciepiela, Maciej
Nagorniuk, Oksana
Sobczyk, Wiktoria
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Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego
An indispensable element of the social and economic programme aimed at realising the new environmentally friendly era is environmental education. The leading principle of the National Environmental Policy is the principle of sustainable development, implemented through effective educational, informational and promotional activities. They consist in changing the environmental awareness of the society and in shaping proper human attitudes towards nature. The idea of sustainable development is understood as socio-economic development that takes into account the rights of nature and a dignified life for future generations. The functioning of this global concept is based on reconciling environmental, economic and social rationales. As a global trend, it ensures peace and a decent standard of living for all countries of the world. Education emphasises the need to respect human dignity, to respect diversity, to protect the environment and the resources of our planet.
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education , goals of sustainable development , environment
Journal of Education, Technology and Computer Science 3(33)2022, s. 46-50