Nanotechnology elements in Science and Physics teaching at high school

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Budzik, Sylwia
Kizowski, Czesław
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Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego
The progress in teaching should be in accord with the progress of science, that’s why the subject of teaching must be supplemented by the elements of modern knowledge which permit people to understand better what happens around us. The end of XX century is characterised by the rapid development of nanotechnology, which brings together various sciences such as solid state physics, chemistry, material science and molecular biology and gives a chance to the technological revolution. From the research, we conclude that the nanotechnology elements can be introduced on the 4-th educational stage (in Poland), where is the possibility to increase the use of mathematics. In 2012/2013 school year will be introduce new core curriculum into high school, where is new subject - Science (Core Curriculum – Science and Physics - law gazette from 2009, no. 4, pos. 17). Research, contained in this monograph, were connected with Science and Physics contents of teaching and proves possibility introducing new elements to the curriculum. Process concerning the introducing new elements to the curriculum, from the didactic base to the concrete lessons, is presented in this monograph. This monograph, in authors view, helps the Physics teachers with curriculum preparing based on the one - subject integration of teaching contents.
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nanotechnology , contents of teaching , quantum mechanics , formal thinking , Markov chains